Keeper 101: Store Personal & Payment Information

Let’s review how you can securely store identity and payment information in your vault (such as addresses and credit card information). From the Identity & Payments section of your vault, notice a form for a new Personal Information record is displayed. These types of records will assist in filling out online forms requiring personal information such as your name, phone number, and address. Enter the information you wish to include in the record. When you are done click Save. The record will now appear under the Personal Info header in the Identities and Payments screen. Next, you can create a payment card record to securely store payment information to quickly fill out online forms requiring your payment details. Click Payment Cards and enter your payment card details. Use the Default switch if you have additional payment cards to enter and you would like to designate one for default use. Click Save to finish. This record will now be securely stored in your vault and appear under the Payment Cards header in the “Identity and Payment” screen. Learn more about Keeper at: View our Keeper End-User Guides here:

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