Keeper 101: Share a Record

For those times where you only want to share a single record and not an entire folder, Keeper has a solution for that too. Select the record you want to share from your vault. A detail pane will appear on the right side of the screen. Click the Options button and select Sharing. Enter an email address of a user you would like to share the record with or select their email from the dropdown if you’ve shared with them before. It is important to note that the person you are sharing the record with must also have a Keeper account. If you’d like, you can invite friends and family to Keeper using the link below. Now choose their permission level and click Add. That user will now receive an email notifying them that a Keeper record has been shared. They must accept the invite to complete the sharing process. Learn more about Keeper at: View our Keeper End-User Guides here:

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