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Understanding the Dark Web:

How Internetek Protects Your Credentials

The Dark Web is a hidden(ish) part of the Internet where illegal activities often take place, including the buying and selling of stolen credentials. This is unfortunately a very common transaction. Hackers steal credentials from compromised websites, databases, phishing, data exfiltration, and many other sources, then sell them to other hackers that will use them to cause even more harm. It's all a very nasty, and lucrative, business.

So your password is amazing and complex. No one could ever guess it. But a hacker broke into the password vault service you use and made off with everything! They didn't even need to guess your nearly-unbreakable password. Now your passwords aren't even up for the highest bidder, they're up for grabs from anyone with a Bitcoin to their name. Defense in-depth is, as the name suggests, your best defense. Internetek does not use only one means of protecting our clients.

Among the many cybersecurity services Internetek provides is monitoring of the Dark Web for credentials. We constantly scour the Dark Web for any traces of your credentials and personal details (such as home address and phone number) and alert you if we find them. No one wants their very important passwords to be shared with hackers all over the world, but if it does happen you certainly want to be aware of it so you can change those passwords.

An example: 
One of our clients was using a password vault (a very good idea) but the vault service didn't properly encrypt the passwords while stored (not as good). Eventually hackers got into the service, made copies of all the passwords, and sold them on the Dark Web.

Usually this would end with another hacker using those passwords to break into their company systems and steal everything of any value. However, one of our scans flagged the credentials and we immediately took steps to protect their systems. Such as locking down their account, preventing log-in from outside the country, and actively monitoring their usage. The client changed all their passwords and they're back to doing business as usual. A bit more paranoid though.

By actively monitoring for stolen credentials, Internetek helps individuals and businesses protect themselves against cybersecurity threats. Contact us today to learn more about how Internetek can safeguard your online security. If you want to take it for a test drive, fill out the form at the top and see what we find. If you're interested in hearing more, put your details below and we'll contact you.

Example Individual Report

Individual Report

Click above to see an example report for the free Dark Web Scan. This is from a real and redacted scan.

Example Company Report

Company Report

We've redacted a real report we produce monthly for client companies. Check it out above.

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