Keeper 101: Enable 2FA for Web Vault

To enable 2FA for your Keeper vault click on your email to access the Account Dropdown Menu, select Settings, and then click Security. Toggle "Two-Factor Authentication" on and select your 2FA method. We recommend you use the TOTP method. To set up Google and Microsoft Authenticator (TOTP), toggle "Google and Microsoft Authenticator (TOTP)" on and click Next. Using the device that runs the Google or Microsoft Authenticator App, scan the QR code provided. The app will then acknowledge the QR code and produce a verification code. Enter that verification code and click Next. Backup codes will be shown next. If you are ever unable to receive Two-Factor codes, you can enter one of the codes listed instead. Click I have written these codes down to finish. The Text Message toggle is on by default. To use this method, select a Region from the dropdown, enter your 10 digit phone number including your area code and click Next. To verify that you trust this number and device, enter the Keeper Web code that was sent to the phone number you provided. Select your 2FA code duration from the dropdown menu and click Next. You will be prompted for 2FA every time you login to your Vault unless you select an alternative code duration. Business customers may be required to enter the code every login as determined by their Keeper Administrator. Codes will only last for a minute; if you need another code sent, click Send a new code. Next, you will be shown some backup codes. If you are unable to receive Two-Factor codes via the phone number you entered, you can enter one of the codes listed instead. Click I have written these codes down to finish. If you are NOT receiving SMS messages from Keeper, please use the TOTP method or contact to troubleshoot the issue. Keeper DNA is a Two-Factor Authentication method that uses your smart watch as your second factor. To use this feature, toggle the switch next to Keeper DNA, and watch our 2FA for iOS or 2FA for Android tutorials to learn how to set up KeeperDNA on your preferred platform.

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