Support Features

If you're detailed oriented or really want to know the nitty-gritty of our Managed Technology/IT Support, we've listed our most commonly requested components. This is not an exhaustive list. If there's something specific you need, or require for compliance, feel free to contact us and we'll take a look.

Technology Support

Support covers standard production hours of Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM. You can reach us by E-mail, Phone, Website, SMS, and portal.

Managed Antivirus

Incorrectly configured and outdated antivirus exposes you to ransomware when you think you’re protected. We have experience configuring and monitoring your antivirus to keep you safe.

External Network Scan

Misconfigured firewalls are backdoors into your network for attackers to bypass all your carefully configured security. We scan your network for vulnerabilities so you know before the bad guys do.

Remote Monitoring

We proactively monitor your desktops, laptops, and servers to prevent costly downtime. We handle the alerts before they grow up into full issues.

Domain Filtering

The Internet can be a dangerous place. Our domain and website filtering keeps you safe by blocking fake, scam, ransom, and other threats while browsing the web. On the road or in the office, we've got you covered.

Password Vault

We partner with top-rated security vendors to provide secure and encrypted password storage that's easy to use. Create complex passwords and keep them safe.

Dark Web Monitoring

Are your credentials being sold to the highest bidder? Our dark web monitoring service checks if your credentials are compromised and notifies us to take action.

Ransomware Canaries

Ransomware is always evolving to get through antivirus and security measures. Our service includes digital tripwires to detect activity so we can quickly quarantine systems and prevent further spread.

Cloud-Based Backups

Ransomware, accidentally deleted files, and malicious employees can ruin your business. Our monitored cloud backups protect you from these bad days. We'll have your files back in no time.

eLearning System

For all software we support, we provide training through scheduled classes, webinars, and recorded training available in our Learning Management System (LMS). You can also create your own courses!

Application Allow-listing

Attackers want you to run malware on your computer so they can ransom everything you can access. Our learning application allow-listing prevents their malware from running even if anti-virus hasn't seen it before.

Spam Filtering

Spam is frustrating and the most common way of getting scammed. We work with high quality mail filters to prevent spam and scams from reaching your staff. No gift cards being bought for some fake boss.

Mail Virus Filtering

Viruses in e-mail are uncommon now, but devastating. Our service scans for viruses and scam sites and blocks them.

Phishing Simulation

Scam emails are one the leading ways that businesses lose money and ransomware gets on your computers. Our email scam simulations help your employees identify scams and get training when they get tricked.

Incident Response

When everything goes wrong, we're here for you. Our expert team and our trusted partners will work to asses the damage, mitigate it, and make everything good again so you can go back to work.

Mail Spooling and Continuity

How bad does it look when a customer emails you and they get a bounce message because your mail server or ISP is down? Our service holds the emails until you're back online.

Microsoft 365 Suite

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) supplies the full Office suite and the cloud Exchange mail server. A modern business runs on e-mail. Through Microsoft 365 we provide you'll always get them.

Patch Management

Researching updates so they don’t break software is time consuming and you have work to do. We research and verify all updates in our lab before they're approved for your computers.

Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability scanner periodically checks your network for the latest exploits so we can correct them before the bad guys take advantage.

Network Mapping and Monitoring

We map your entire network to find misconfigurations, alerts, and security issues. We monitor your infrastructure for potential failures so you have minutes of downtime instead of days of no production.


The bad guys shouldn't get into your network, but if they do they'll trip the honeypot and we'll know they're up to no good. We'll respond and lock them out before they're able to do damage.

Procurement Management

There are so many technology vendors selling what you need. We work with them all to negotiate the best discounts. All you need to do is contact us and we handle the rest.

Network Management

Threats, licenses, and configurations are hard when you’re busy running your business. We work with you to keep your network running smoothly while adapting to the needs of your growing business.

Server Management

AD, DHCP, DNS, Mail, Files, ACL, backups, and others. So many services and so little time to read the manual. We have extensive experience with server systems and operating them for you.