Using QR Codes for Your Business

We've had a few requests about using QR codes and how to make them.  They're amazingly versatile and they don't need to be sanitized!  Due to COVID a lot of businesses are using QR codes for getting information to customers without touching things.  Even people that are using QR codes don't know some of the things they can do.  Did you know they can be used to join wifi, send texts, or add contacts?  Check out our video to see some of the real world uses and how to make QR codes (for free!).

Some real world uses that could help your business:

  • ID badges
  • Shipping labels
  • 2FA/MFA authentication setup
  • Joining WiFi networks
  • Accessing websites
    • Menus at food establishments
    • Roadside advertising
    • Social media
  • SMS
  • Adding contacts to phones
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