Phishing Training - Coming to your mailbox

We’ve all experienced the flood of phishing and scam emails that are now a part of our lives like commercials on the radio. Did you know, though, that most successful cybersecurity attacks start with a compromised account gained from someone interacting with those phishing emails? Upwards of 80% of successful attacks start there. While we have many layers of cybersecurity, the most important one is you.

No matter how many layers of protection there are, it will always be an arms race between us improving our services and the bad guys making better traps. To help you avoid their traps, we recently implemented Phishing Simulation and Training (commonly called Security Awareness Training) so you don’t have to explain to your boss why your account was used for ransomware. These emails will come about once a month and are based on the attacks we’re seeing trend for that month or think we’ll see soon. Here’s an example:

Don’t worry, if you get caught by one of the simulated emails, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll get a notification that you got caught by one of our training emails and asked to do a quick training to learn how to not get caught next time. We won’t shame or tell on you. We spent a lot of time finding training that isn’t painful and is almost fun. If in doubt about an email, always send them to us and we’ll be happy to review them. We’d rather spend five minutes reviewing an email than five days recovering from ransomware.

Thanks to Inky, our mail filter, you have the option to report the emails that look suspicious and we highly encourage this. The more bad emails Inky sees, the better it’ll be at preventing them from getting through. As an added bonus, if you identify one of our training emails you’ll get a little fireworks show!

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