Did someone e-mail you a fax? Let's check out a fax file scam!

Surprisingly, fax is still around.  Even if you don't have a fax machine you probably need to be able to receive faxes from customers and vendors so a lot of companies have digital fax services.  In this scam, they're trying to fake a fax that came through e-mail.  Unusually, they include an HTML (webpage) file rather than a PDF like most fax services.  Even more odd is you have to provide authentication to get your fax.  Let's check it out!

The Scam Video

Click below to watch the video!  Make sure to click the gear at the bottom right for HD video if you want to read the text.

Identifying Traits

The e-mail itself (shown in the video) doesn't have any real identifying traits.  They went for a "less is more" approach which was a good call from them.  As a rule, don't trust attachments in any e-mail unless you know where it came from.  This e-mail came from a customer so it would be trusted.  Makes things difficult, right?  Once the file was opened it was asking for credentials but wasn't obviously fake.  If in doubt, contact us.  We're happy to help and we'd rather take five minutes checking something out than five hours fixing it.

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