About Us

John Miller - Director

It's always been our dream to bring enterprise-level IT practices and solutions to businesses that wouldn't normally be able to get them. And we're doing it!

Over fifteen year ago an IT department was formed for the companies owned by Lennie Loesch. We weren't Internetek then, of course. We were just "IT in the basement".  We actually were in a basement that used to be a vault. It didn't make sense for each of the companies to have its own IT department so it was centralized under one semi-outsourced group. Not part of the other companies but not separate either. Still not Internetek yet, but the stage is set.

After years of working with these companies, helping them grow, learning how to best support them, and some hard lessons, it was time to grow ourselves. We set out on our own and now we're officially Internetek! One of the best technology support companies in Louisville!

We work with hundreds of people all across Louisville to provide the very best in technology support and services.

Our Mission

To use our knowledge to help our clients grow so that we may grow, together.

Our Values


We believe you should know who you're working with and what they're doing. Everywhere possible, we are transparent. You're putting the safety of your computers in our hands and you deserve to know what we're doing.


What's the difference between a good provider and a great provider? It's the relationship. You shouldn't just be a name on the screen. We learn what drives you and what you're trying to accomplish so we can help you get there. Most of all we want to be there with our clients while they grow.


This is our commitment to you: No matter how long it takes, how complex the problem, or how difficult, we will be there with you fixing it. Even if we have to call a competitor to help, we won't walk away from your problems.